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Organization of training

Training and Testing are carried out according to Act No. 247/2000 Coll. on Obtaining and Improving Specialist Skills in Driving Motor Vehicles. Teaching of Theory is carried out either in the form of a course with regular attendance at the lessons, or in the form of so called external study based on an individual plan, under which the students study alone and attend compulsory consultations with their teacher.

Theory Subjects:

  • Highway Code
  • Handling and maintenance of a vehicle
  • Theory of driving and rules of safe driving
  • First aid training

Practical Training

The scope of practical training (curriculum) is set forth in Annex No.3 to Act no. 247/2000 Coll.

Subjects of Practical Training:

  • Driving
  • Practical maintenance of a vehicle
  • First aid training

Admission to the Training and Beginning of the Course

Training may start after your submission of a completed "Request for Driving License" and an assessment regarding your medical fitness to drive at the driving school. The Assessment forms a part of the Request.
Requests of persons under 18 must contain the consent of their legal representatives.
The price of the course or an adequate down payment must be paid before the start of the course.

The Length of the Course

The length of the course depends on many factors, mainly the number of hours of the relevant course.
The usual length of the course for category B is 2 - 3 months. Other courses vary between 1 to 2 months. It is also possible, upon the student's request, to arrange for an intensive form of the course, and to significantly reduce the length of the course.

Termination of the Course

Your course may be terminated after you complete the lessons and the training according to the curriculum. The number of lessons is set as a minimum amount; you are free to arrange more lessons with your teacher so that you will feel 100% prepared for the final examination

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