Have you decided to enroll in one of our courses? Thank you for putting your trust in us - we can’t wait for your first lesson. 

Application requirements

Before we dive into the course itself, we need to fill in the application form and fulfill the following requirements:

  • sufficient age (depends on the course, check the age requirement on the page of your chosen course) - you can start the course as early as 18 months before reaching the required age, for example, you can start a car driving course (group B, required age: 18) if you’re at least 16.5 years old. 
  • medical fitness (simply download this form and have your general practitioner fill it out)
  • permanent or temporary residency in the Czech Republic which can be proven with:
    • a valid ID if you’re a Czech citizen 
    • a confirmation of temporary residency from the Czech Immigration Police if you’re an EU or EEA national
    • a long-term visa if you’re a foreign national outside of the EU and EEA
    • a corresponding ID if you’re a diplomat or a member of an embassy’s technical staff
  • not being under a sanction or penalty of prohibition to drive (simply fill out the affidavit included in the registration form)

I fulfill all of the above: what’s next?

Once you fill out the registration form and have the medical fitness confirmation ready, all you need to do is deliver it to Horázný Driving School

There we’ll fine-tune all the details of your training. At the same time, we ask that you pay for at least half of the course. You can find the course prices here

Do you have any questions for us or need help with the registration? Contact us anytime via email info@ridicak.cz or call us at 737 28 29 29. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Medical fitness confirmation

The medical fitness confirmation form looks pretty complicated at a first glance, so here’s a couple of tips on how to tackle it: 

It’s important that the doctor’s name is clearly visible on the stamp.
Furthermore, the text of the stamp must clearly state “general practitioner” (praktický lékař). However, it’s not necessary that the doctor is your own general practitioner. Don’t have your own doctor? We'll put you in touch with a GP. Just let us know at 737 28 29 29.

Driver’s license as a gift!

Give your loved ones a driving course: all you need to do is pay for a portion of the course (the amount depends on course type). 

Ask for more information in the driving school office or call 737 28 29 29.