You will take your first driving steps on our high-tech driving simulator using virtual reality. It features widescreen projection as well as displaying traffic situations in rearview mirrors.

You’ll be able to learn the basics of driving easily during our first sessions and to safely obtain some driving skills in the same way as you would in actual road traffic.

While taking lessons on a driving simulator you will seemingly be deprived of authentic sensory perception from the actual drive, but most important thing is that you will acquire all basic procedures necessary for vehicle driving to enable you to safely handle your vehicle during your first practical driving lesson. 

The driving simulator will also allow you to train intensively for specific special skills that are very hard to train in actual traffic, for example:

  • Moving-off uphill
  • Driving in traffic lanes while monitoring traffic in rearview windows
  • Lane change training
  • High-speed overtaking on motorways

During driving simulator training the teacher attends only one learner-driver at a time! In our driving school, quality takes precedence over quantity!