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Refresher courses

Refresher courses may be ordered by means of an ORDER FORM or by phone and may be paid by a bank transfer or by a credit card via the Internet. For more information on the manner of ordering CLICK HERE.

Refresher course is a practical training of driving a vehicle for a driver, who already has a driving license. According to a specific request of a client we can offer an individual scheme of training in relation to its purpose, for instance for drivers, who:

  • have not driven any motor vehicle for a long period of time and want to regain a driving confidence
  • do not drive regularly and want to maintain driving skills
  • wish to improve their driving skills
  • wish to try a certain type of a vehicle they plan to buy
  • wish to learn how to drive along a certain route

We offer:

  • improvement of your driving skills
  • driving simulator lessons at the beginning
  • driving in a city
  • driving on the 1st class roads and on highways outside Prague at the maximum speed
  • driving in bad visibility
  • price packages

Automatic transmission

For those who have not driven for a long period of time, do not trust themselves or those who are scared of traffic we recommend driving in a car with an automatic transmission.

The prices are for a 45 minutes driving lesson unless stipulated otherwise.

Refresher courses for holders of driving license
B - driving simulator training in a 3D driving simulator 500 Kč
Driving in a car with a manual transmission.
B - city driving in a regular traffic in the city 650 Kč
B - special difficult intersections, tunnels, shopping centers (drive through and parking) 650 Kč
B – outside the city driving on a beltway and roads of the 1st and 2nd class outside Prague 700 Kč
B - highways driving on highways and roads for motor vehicles outside Prague 800 Kč
Discounts, packages, surcharges, SPECIAL OFFERS
discount on 10 and more lessons in ordering and payment for 10 and more lessons at once, special price for one lesson 50 Kč
automatic transmission driving in a car with an automatic transmission – surplus for one lesson + 100 Kč
Package Highway 3 lessons at one time – driving on highways 2300 Kč
Individual routes individually planned route according to requirements of a client contractual price

Driving school office:
Ondříčkova 9
Praha 3, Zip Code 130 00
Phone: 222 722 820
Mobile: 737 28 29 29
E-mail: info@ridicak.cz

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu 7:30 – 18:30
Friday 7:30 – 15:30

Data required under Section 435(1) of the Civil Code:
JUDr. Ing.Ondřej Horázný, Ondříčkova 9, Praha 3, Zip Code 130 00
ID No.: 15308596, file no.: ŽO/11759/01/HU Municipal Part of Prague 3