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Price list

The price list is valid from April 1, 2014. The prices for courses include complete instruction and training pursuant to Act no. 247/2000 Coll., and a final exam and 21% VAT. Prices don´t include following items: medical check, translator´s fee and administrative charge for the Prague City Hall (Magistrat).

All teaching and training lessons have 45 minutes, as stipulated by law.

The quoted price is final, it includes a complete teaching and training including the final examination  and statutory VAT. The  price doesn´t include an administrative fee in the amount of CZK 700.00 that must be paid to the Municipal Authority and a fee translating the exam. You can download a registration form here. We accept payment cards

Passenger car
B individual course 19000 Kč
B group of 2 students 18000 Kč
Additional driving lessons
B - one drive manual transmission 600 Kč
B - one drive automatic transmission 700 Kč
AM 22700 Kč
A1 22700 Kč
A2 22700 Kč
A 22700 Kč
Motorcycles - upgrade of a licence
A1 to A2 training for those who have less than 2 years practice A1 17300 Kč
A1 to A2 complementary exam (more than 2 years practise) 11100 Kč
A2 to A training for those who have less than 2 years practice A2 17300 Kč
A2 to A complementary exam (more than 2 years practise) 11100 Kč
A1 to A training 17300 Kč
Trucks, buses, trailers over 750 kg
C truck 23000 Kč
D bus 23000 Kč
B+E trailers for passenger car 10000 Kč
C+E trailers and semitrailers for trucks 14500 Kč
Repeated exams (payments at the driving school) and cancellations
Exam in theory 600 Kč
Group B repeated exam 700 Kč
Group B, B aut. advantage passenger car – package of 2 driving lessons and a repeated exam 1600 Kč
Exam in maintenance only groups C, CE, D, DE 600 Kč
Groups AM, A1, A2, A motorbike – repeated exam 1900 Kč
Group BE group BE - repeated exam 800 Kč
Groups C, CE truck, trailer - repeated exam 900 Kč
Group D bus - repeated exam 1150 Kč
Absence at a driving lesson unexcused absence or cancelled driving lesson less than 24 hours in advance 400 Kč
Absence at an examination unexcused absence or cancelled examination less than 2 days in advance 1000 Kč
Transfer of the training preparation of documentation and billing 1500 Kč
Cancellation of the training return of documentation and billing 1500 Kč
Fees paid to the municipal authority
The fee is paid at a cash office at the Municipal Authority before the exam and it is not included in the price for the course.
First exam 700 Kč
Repeated exams
Exam in theory 100 Kč
Exam in maintenance groups C, CE, D, DE 200 Kč
Exam in driving 400 Kč
Re-examination for a return of a driving license
Group B, BE basic group - 1 training drive + re-examination 6500 Kč
AM, A1, A2 or A repeated exam + preparation lessons 9800 Kč
C or CE, D or DE each further group 6500 Kč
Refresher courses for holders of driving license
B - driving simulator training in a 3D driving simulator 500 Kč
Driving in a car with a manual transmission.
B - city driving in a regular traffic in the city 650 Kč
B - special difficult intersections, tunnels, shopping centers (drive through and parking) 650 Kč
B – outside the city driving on a beltway and roads of the 1st and 2nd class outside Prague 700 Kč
B - highways driving on highways and roads for motor vehicles outside Prague 800 Kč
Discounts, packages, surcharges, SPECIAL OFFERS
discount on 10 and more lessons in ordering and payment for 10 and more lessons at once, special price for one lesson 50 Kč
automatic transmission driving in a car with an automatic transmission – surplus for one lesson + 100 Kč
Package Highway 3 lessons at one time – driving on highways 2300 Kč
Individual routes individually planned route according to requirements of a client contractual price

Driving school office:
Ondříčkova 9
Praha 3, Zip Code 130 00
Phone: 222 722 820
Mobile: 737 28 29 29
E-mail: info@ridicak.cz

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu 7:30 – 18:30
Friday 7:30 – 15:30

Data required under Section 435(1) of the Civil Code:
JUDr. Ing.Ondřej Horázný, Ondříčkova 9, Praha 3, Zip Code 130 00
ID No.: 15308596, file no.: ŽO/11759/01/HU Municipal Part of Prague 3