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How to apply?

If you have opted for one of our courses, first you have to meet the following conditions of admission set by Section 13(1) of Act No. 247/2000 Coll.:

  • to fill a written application (see on the right)
  • meet age condition set for the relevant group: instruction and training may start 18 months before reaching the required age
  • to present a medical capability certificate (see the form on the right side)
  • to have a "normal residence" in the Czech Republic that shall be proved by:
    • Czech citizens mainly by an ID card
    • EU or EEA nationals mainly by a temporary residence certificate issued by the Czech Immigration Police ("Cizinecká policie")
    • third country nationals by a long-stay visa
    • foreign mission members or foreign mission technical staff by an appropriate ID card
  • not to be under a sanction or penalty of prohibition to drive (affidavit attached to an application)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate and contact us for a qualified answer.

Medical fitness 

GP’s stamp has to bear a legible doctor’s name (typed or in capital letters). The stamp must also specify “praktický lékař” [general practitioner]. Your application must be signed in accordance with Act no. 361/2000 Coll. by a GP with whom you are registered for medical care, a company physician or any GP.


With a completed application form and signed medical fitness certificate you can visit our premises within business hours – see the option „Contacts“. 

We will agree on all details relating to the beginning of your driving lessons.

On filing your application you have to settle course fees or an advance payment amounting to a half of the course fees.




Give a course at a driving school as a gift.

It will be enough to pay an advance payment of CZK 3000 or more according to the type of training.

For further details please turn to the driving school.

Driving school office:
Ondříčkova 9
Praha 3, Zip Code 130 00
Phone: 222 722 820
Mobile: 737 28 29 29
E-mail: info@ridicak.cz

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu 7:30 – 18:30
Friday 7:30 – 15:30

Data required under Section 435(1) of the Civil Code:
JUDr. Ing.Ondřej Horázný, Ondříčkova 9, Praha 3, Zip Code 130 00
ID No.: 15308596, file no.: ŽO/11759/01/HU Municipal Part of Prague 3