Do you prefer premium, highly individualized training? Our comfortable training is the best choice for you. We will tailor the entire course for you, the teacher will come to you and not the other way around, and when planning rides you will have priority over other students.

Individual approach

Comfortable training is an above-standard way of conducting education and training. Your teacher will take care of you individually at the time you choose. The price of the course is significantly higher than standard training and is derived from the price of individual training, taking into account the higher time required to travel to you. 

Beginnings and ends of driving lessons

The teacher will come to a place you choose – to your residence, to your workplace, or to any other location in Prague. They will end your ride in the same way. This will save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend traveling to our driving school.

Scheduling driving lessons

When planning the dates of your teaching and training, you will have priority over other students. So you don't have to worry about booked-out time slots.

Training length

The total time needed to complete your training will depend mainly on you and your time capacity. Training is also possible in an intensive form - then you can get your driver's license in a significantly shorter time.

Final exam

Your final exam will be taken as soon as possible after you have completed the prescribed number of teaching hours and are ready for the exam.

Repeat exam

Due to the quality of the training we will dedicate to you, you will not need it :) If this still happens, you will not pay any additional fees to the driving school for the second attempt.

Price list

Comfortable training (with pick up)

B - manual transmission
individual theory + priority planning + driving starts and ends at a student-chosen location
50 000 Kč
B - automatic transmission
individual theory + priority planning + driving starts and ends at a student-chosen location
52 000 Kč

The price list is valid as of 15. 4. 2024. All prices include complete instruction and training as specified by the law as well as the 21% VAT.

Prices for driving courses include the costs of the final exam. The administrative fee in the amount of 700 CZK that must be paid to the Municipal Authority and the fee for translating the exam is not included. All teaching and training lessons have 45 minutes, as stipulated by the law.

You can pay cash, via a bank transfer, or with a credit card.