What you'll be able to drive

With the AM group, you can drive motor vehicles with design speed up to 45 km/h. Typically this includes the following vehicles: 

1. two-wheel vehicles with a swept volume of its combustion engine not exceeding 50 cm3 or with an electric engine not exceeding the output of 4 kW (e.g. scooter)

2.  three-wheel vehicles with a swept volume of its ignition engine not exceeding 50 cm3 or in the case of other engines not exceeding the output of 4 kW

3. four-wheel vehicles of 350 kg of weight at the maximum (load excluded) with a swept volume of its ignition engine not exceeding 50 cm3 or in the case of other engines not exceeding the output of 4 kW

 Honda CB 125F    Yamaha YBR 125

What will your training look like

The minimum amount of training prescribed by law consists of 9 hours of theory and 18 hours of practical training. Of course, it’s no problem to add more training hours if needed.


  • 4 lessons: vehicle operation regulations
  • 1 lesson: vehicle steering and maintenance
  • 2 lessons: driving theory and principles of safe driving
  • 1 lesson: first-aid preparation
  • 1 lesson: revisions and tests


  • 13 lessons: training of motorcycle driving
  • 1 lesson: hands-on maintenance training
  • 4 lessons: practical training of first-aid preparation

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What to expect from the exam

After completing the training you will have an exam consisting of a theoretical exam and a practical driving exam. The theoretical exam takes the form of a written test, which you have to pass in order to be able to proceed to the practical driving exam.

The driving exam has 2 parts. The first part takes place off the road in a so-called "testing area" and consists of preparation and control of the motorcycle and special driving operations. The second part of the exam takes place in road traffic so that you will ride the motorcycle yourself and the examiner will follow you on the accompanying motorcycle or in the accompanying car together with the driving school teacher

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How to Apply for Training

Application requirements

Before we dive into the course itself, we need to fill out some paperwork and fulfill the following requirements: 

  • sufficient age - for the AM group, you need to be at least 15 years old (but you can start the training earlier, even 6 months before your 15th birthday)
  • if you’re younger than 18, we’ll need written consent from your legal representative
  • medical fitness (simply download this form and have your general practitioner fill it out)
  • permanent or temporary residency in the Czech Republic which can be proven with:
    • a valid ID if you’re a Czech citizen 
    • a confirmation of temporary residency from the Czech immigration police if you’re an EU or EEA national
    • a long-term visa if you’re a foreign national outside of the EU and EEA
    • a corresponding ID if you’re a diplomat or a member of an embassy’s technical staff
  • not being under a sanction or penalty of prohibition to drive (simply fill out the affidavit included in the registration form)

I fulfill all of the above: what’s next?

Once you fill out the registration form and have the medical fitness confirmation ready, all you need to do is deliver it to Horázný Driving School. 

There we’ll fine-tune all the details of your training. At the same time, we ask that you pay for at least half of the course. You can find the course prices here. 

Do you have any questions for us or need help with the registration? Contact us anytime via email info@ridicak.cz or call us at 737 28 29 29. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Medical fitness confirmation

The medical fitness confirmation form looks pretty complicated at a first glance, so here’s a couple of tips on how to tackle it: 
It’s important that the doctor’s name is clearly visible on the stamp.

Furthermore, the text of the stamp must clearly state “general practitioner” (praktický lékař). However, it’s not necessary that the doctor is your own general practitioner. Don’t have your own doctor? We’ll be happy to get you an appointment with one of the doctors close to the driving school. Just let us know at 737 28 29 29.


Price List

Motorcycles - categories

31 900 Kč
31 900 Kč
31 900 Kč
31 900 Kč

The price list is valid as of 15. 4. 2024. All prices include complete instruction and training as specified by the law as well as the 21% VAT.

Prices for driving courses include the costs of the final exam. The administrative fee in the amount of 700 CZK that must be paid to the Municipal Authority and the fee for translating the exam is not included. All teaching and training lessons have 45 minutes, as stipulated by the law.

You can pay cash, via a bank transfer, or with a credit card.