Honda CB 125F

Honda CB 125F

Honda SH 125i City

Yamaha YBR 125

Yamaha YBR 125

Honda SH 125i City

The AM group driving licence authorizes to drive the following vehicles:

Motor vehicles whose design speed does not exceed 45 km/h:

1. two-wheels vehicle with a swept volume of its combustion engine not exceeding 50 m3 or with an electric engine not exceeding an output of 4 kW;

2. three-wheel vehicles with a swept volume of its ignition engine not exceeding 50 m3 or in the case of other engines not exceeding output of 4 kW;

3. four-wheel vehicles of 350 kg of weight at the maximum (load excluded) with a swept volume of its ignition engine not exceeding 50 m3or in the case of other engines not exceeding output of 4 kW;


Conditions for granting a driving licence:

  • Age 15
  • Medical fitness
  • Professional fitness
  • Normal residence in the territory of the Czech Republic or study stay for at least 6 months
  • Not to be under a sanction or punishment of prohibition to drive motor vehicles or to have 12 demerit points recorded in the registry of drivers
  • Not to be a holder of a valid driving licence granted by another Member State
  • A written consent of a legal representative if under 18 years

Extent of education and training:

Theory instruction

  • 4 lessons in vehicle operation regulations
  • 1 lesson in vehicle steering and maintenance
  • 2 lessons in driving theory and principles of safe driving
  • 1 lesson in first-aid preparation
  • 1 lesson of revisions and tests

Practical training

  • 13 lessons: training of driving a vehicle
  • 1 lesson: hands-on maintenance training
  • 4 lessons: practical training of first-aid preparation


The quoted price is final, it includes a complete teaching and training including the final examination  and statutory VAT. The  price doesn´t include an administrative fee in the amount of CZK 700.00 that must be paid to the Municipal Authority and a fee translating the exam. You can download a registration form here. We accept payment cards

Price list
AM 24900 Kč

Driving school office:
Ondříčkova 9
Praha 3, Zip Code 130 00
Phone: 222 722 820
Mobile: 737 28 29 29

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu 7:30 – 18:30
Friday 7:30 – 15:30

Data required under Section 435(1) of the Civil Code:
JUDr. Ing.Ondřej Horázný, Ondříčkova 9, Praha 3, Zip Code 130 00
ID No.: 15308596, file no.: ŽO/11759/01/HU Municipal Part of Prague 3