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Most of our driving school teachers are highly qualified driving instructors and experienced professionals.

We will assign you a teacher taking into consideration your time requirements and his working time extent.

Our driving instructors provide practical driving lessons only with one student at a time. We believe that other students in a car may violate your privacy and you may lose your time too. We should also minimize a risk in a possible road accident.

Driving school office:
Ondříčkova 9
Praha 3, Zip Code 130 00
Phone: 222 722 820
Mobile: 737 28 29 29
E-mail: info@ridicak.cz

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu 7:30 – 18:30
Friday 7:30 – 15:30

Data required under Section 435(1) of the Civil Code:
JUDr. Ing.Ondřej Horázný, Ondříčkova 9, Praha 3, Zip Code 130 00
ID No.: 15308596, file no.: ŽO/11759/01/HU Municipal Part of Prague 3