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Prohibition to drive

Re-examination is necessary for gaining back your driving license in the event that more than one year has passed since the day on which a judgment or decision imposing punishment or sanction of prohibition to drive motor vehicles came into legal force.

Further, you have to prove your health fitness for driving (form may be obtained in the part “How to apply?”).

Do I have to take driving lessons?

No, re-examination is sufficient. But in respect of a demanding character of the re-examination we offer at least one driving lesson for each group.

When is it possible to take the re-examination?

Driving lessons and re-examination may be taken only after the prohibition for you to drive motor vehicles terminated. In the event that you were pardoned the rest of the sentence after serving a half of the sentence, you may start only after the relevant decision comes into force!

Necessary documents:

  • court judgment or decision of an administrative body on prohibition to drive motor vehicles
  • in the event of a pardon of the rest of punishment the relevant decision or resolution
  • extract from a driver’s record (“Výpis z karty řidiče”) – you obtain at “Městský úřad” or “Magistrát”
  • application for the driving school
  • health fitness report

What is the extent of re-examination?

Re-examination is similar to a final examination in a driving school:

  1. test on Highway Code and first aid
  2. handling and maintenance of vehicles (for group C, CE, D, DE)
  3. driving test (separate each group you apply for)

Further details will be provided upon your visit of our driving school.

How many times may I repeat the re-examination?

There is only one attempt of re-examination. If you fail to pass any part of the exam for the second time you will have to attend a driving course once again before you will be admitted to an exam of the subject in question.

The quoted price is final, it includes a complete teaching and training including the final examination  and statutory VAT. The  price doesn´t include an administrative fee in the amount of CZK 700.00 that must be paid to the Municipal Authority and a fee translating the exam. You can download a registration form here. We accept payment cards

Re-examination for a return of a driving license
Group B, BE 2 training drives + re-examination 8000 Kč
AM, A1, A2 or A repeated exam + preparation lessons 13300 Kč
C or CE, D or DE each further group 8000 Kč

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Data required under Section 435(1) of the Civil Code:
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